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Our center will be welcoming you for the new school year registrations from Friday 17th! For any queries you can contact us on or on 2102812808.

Information for parents

What is your e-book?

The e-book is an electronic version of your English course book, which helps you do your homework, revision, self-check, spelling, vocabulary and reading in an enjoyable and original way. Using the e-book you can learn English and enjoy yourself at the same time, playing games, watching video and reading stories on your PC.

When should you use it?

The e-book can be used every day, or whenever you want to prepare for your English lesson, practice your English or just spend your free time playing, reading and listening to English.

How do you use it?


The e-book should be used in conjunction with your English course book and will become your assistant or private teacher. Once you have put the disc in the DVD drive of your computer the programme begins with the basic menu and you can select each activity with a simple click. The toolbar will enable you to write, colour, enlarge, print, save your work, etc.


Navigating the e-book's basic menu.

• Modules

In the left hand column of the e-book's basic menu you will find the titles of the modules. By selecting a module you can read the reading passages and dialogues and listen to them, whilst following the tape script as it is automatically highlighted, karaoke style. You can also do vocabulary and grammar exercises and learn grammar theory through tables and grammar cards with dialogues, wherever you see the grammar owls. Learning vocabulary and spelling is easy using the unit wordlists. If you want, you can repeat listening activities and check the tape script; get ideas for projects through the ICT project section and have fun, while practicing at the same time with the modular games.

• Self-check and Language Review

On this menu you will find tests to use for self-assessment and/or for revision. Once you complete the exercises your answers will be automatically checked and you will be able to see how you are progressing and also identify potential weaknesses. You can also use them to help you prepare for the official test which you will take in class.

• Funtime – Song sheets

On this menu you will find songs in English to recycle the vocabulary from each unit. You can just listen or sing along Karaoke style. You will also find quizzes and games that are fun, but will get your brain working.

• Games

The book is full of educational games in English. This menu is divided into grammar games and vocabulary games, which will help you revise the grammar and vocabulary from each unit in a way that is refreshing, relaxing, fun and effective.

• Vocabulary Banks

Correct usage and a rich vocabulary are the foundation of learning a foreign language. The exercises in the vocabulary banks not only help you to learn the vocabulary from each unit better, but also enrich this vocabulary. The exercises are sorted into themes and combine images, sound and interactivity in such a way that you will learn quickly and pleasantly.

• Video

This menu connects every unit of your book to short, thematically related videos. Realistic scenes will help you learn about English culture, everyday activities, and the differences and similarities between your country and theirs. At the end of each chapter you can check your understanding by completing various interactive exercises.

• Reader Video and Reader e-book.

On this menu you will find popular stories from classic literature. You can watch the animated version of the story, do comprehension exercises, play games, or read the electronic version of the book and listen and read with the 'karaoke' text method.

• Wordlist

Using the special button in the centre of the menu, you can access an easy-to-use dictionary which will help you find definitions for all the unknown words and phrases in every unit of your book. You can search by module, by unit, or by letter. Of course, each word or phrase is accompanied by its pronunciation, so that you can improve and correct yours.

Express Publishing's e-book is a unique aid for the learning of English. Along with the various books that accompany each level of each series (student's book, workbook, grammar book, companion, test booklet, portfolio, etc) it is the ideal study aid for learning at home. Now you can read by yourself, revise, find solutions to problems and become a better student. It is the first time that entertainment and learning have been combined so effectively with the help of the most modern educational technology. Success is guaranteed!

Welcome to the new world of foreign language learning. Welcome to the world of Express Publishing!


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