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Welcome to our Centre

Our center will be welcoming you for the new school year registrations from Friday 17th! For any queries you can contact us on or on 2102812808.

The Foreign Language Institute Fotopoulou Kyrini was founded in 2005, it is located in Neo Iraklion Attica and has already completed 17 years of successful foreign language teaching. By investing on qualified personnel, research and state-of-the-art technological means, we have succeeded in relentless progressing, always however following the demands of modern society for professionals skilled in foreign language communication and responsible citizens of a better multicultural understanding, that is universal citizens.


The goal, set right from the foundation of our center, was the creation of a unique educational institute which would be able to offer educational instruction of higher standards in our field defined by quality, organization, contemporary teaching methods and the establishment and cultivation of solid, honest relationships avoiding the stereotype role of instructors and the impersonal businesses.


We will refrain from inaccuracies or exacerbations regarding the percentages of success or the easiness of accomplishment of a goal. Our mission is to set a goal together in accordance to the individual skills, desires and ambitions of each student towards their personal and intellectual growth.


These are the principles which characterize and differentiate our center from other institutes and we hope you will be encouraged to personally attend our premises and learn more about our educational vision.